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About us

The right partner for you to succeed! The WKS Group is a mediumsized law firm based in the technology hub of Karlsruhe. We render topflight services in the fields of tax advisory, audit, business consulting and law.

History and how we see ourselves

For over 50 years we have successfully supported our clients based in thetechnology hub of Karlsruhe as a competent partner in constantly changingmarkets and environments.

Due to our long-standing affiliation to the global network of experts, MSI Global Alliance, we can provide you competent and extensive advisory support all around the globe.

Thanks to this interdisciplinary and – if desired – international team work, we tailor a comprehensive and integrated solution package to best fit your needs.

You can find the offices of our group in Rastatt and Karlsruhe and, of course, online at


Internationally we are affiliated with MSI Global Alliance, London, a global association of independent advisory firms. With over 250 firms happy to offer their services and expertise to our clients, MSI Global Alliance is represented in over 100 countries.

We therefore combine the flexibility of a medium-sized firm of lawyers with the advantages provided by an international advisory firm.

Our membership in MSI Global Alliance ensures competent problem-solving of cross-border issues. For our clients with international operations this association provides a suite of top-flight advisory and audit services based on quality assurance standards in all countries of the world.

Professional focus

We offer our clients top-quality services from an internationally networked yet medium-sized firm of tax advisors and auditors that is rooted in the region in keeping with our motto, “Because a task can oftenbe performed in a number of ways we don’t stop thinking out the alternatives after finding the first solution.”

Tax advisory services

Tax advisory is shaping the future, tax advisory is a matter of trust. Weview it as a forward-looking activity to shape the course of future events. This applies to us both in the tax advisory department but also to our standard tasks, such as book-keeping, compiling financial statements, preparing tax returns and payroll accounting.

We work for you using the latest tools to provide you, for instance, with digital access to your data, information and tailored analyses.

WKS advises you on all issues related to choosing the right legal form tooptimize your tax structure, selecting the right corporate structure to reach your goals, advising your subsidiaries in foreign countries, advising you on tax issues, succession issues and your estate or clarifying cross-border VAT issues.


Auditing is more than a statutory duty. Auditing is a team task. In an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, the task of compiling financial statements that comply with the regulatory requirements is becoming an increasingly complex corporate task that poses major challenges.

We offer you audit-related advisory services in keeping with these requirements, paired with a reliable, professional and top-flight audit based on a spirit of partnership and collaboration.

The WKS portfolio extends from the audit of separate financial statementsand consolidated financial statements, the audit or review of interim financial statements and special purpose reporting frameworks, through tomaking the adjustments needed to comply with interim reporting requirements, assisting with takeovers and divestments as well as performing business valuations.

Business consulting

Good ideas are an essential element of business success. The most conducive environment for good ideas is a meeting between equals. WKS stands at your side, happy to contribute the experience gathered from over 50 years of collaboration supporting other companies with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

WKS supports and advises you, for example, in the field of acquisitions and divestments, project and capex financing, comparing offers of financeand negotiating loans, business rescues or setting up cost accounting andinstalling modern reporting systems.

Legal advisory

There are enough problems, but problems are also a source of opportunity. Tax advisory, auditing and business consulting are all closely associatedwith legal advisory. An integrated forward-looking solution is often onlypossible with the assistance of legal advisory at strategic points.

The legal advisory offers from WKS extend, for example, from company law,real estate law, construction law and planning regulations, through to labor law, rental agreements, residential ownership law and family law.

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
– John D. Rockefeller –

Our partners

You expect top-of-the-line professional competence from your advisory,rightfully so, as well as confidentiality, integrity, commitment, ameasured approach and a delicate touch. This is exactly how we work —every day, in teamwork with you, to foster our mutual success.

Konrad Walter

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (BA)

Wirtschaftsprüfer [German Public Auditor]
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Tax Advisor

  • National and international accounting standards
  • Audits, special-framework financial reporting
  • Audit-related services
  • Corporate structures
  • National and international tax law

Konrad Walter has over 20 years of experience in the fields of business consulting and auditing companies in a range of different sectors and sizes. His focus lies mainly on offering an integrated approach to his clients, regardless of whether it be auditing, tax advice or business consulting. In addition, he sits on the board of the Economic Council of the (CDU) Christian Democratic Union e.V. and is also a member of the supervisory board of a regional bank.

Roland Klimesch


Wirtschaftsprüfer [German Public Auditor]
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Tax Advisor

  • National and international accounting standards
  • Audits, special-framework financial reporting
  • Audit-related services
  • Corporate structures
  • National and international tax law

Holger Baierl

Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur

Wirtschaftsprüfer [German Public Auditor]

  • National and international accounting standards
  • Audits of separate and consolidated financial statements, special-framework financial reporting
  • Audit-related services
  • Business valuations

Holger Baierl has been active in the field of auditing and advising national companies and international corporations since 1992. His field of expertise lies in the sectors of automotive, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing, retail, wholesale and software. In addition, he dedicates some of his time to advancing training in the auditor profession as well as training and networking members of supervisory boards and advisory boards and is himself an active member of a supervisory board.

Andreas Kastner

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)

Tax Advisor

  • National and international tax law
  • Advising on tax structures
  • VAT law
  • Company formations

Andreas Kastner has been a tax advisor since 1996. His activities includecompiling annual reports pursuant to German commercial law and tax legislation, drawing up tax returns for private individuals and companies, advising small and medium-sized enterprises on general tax issues and structures. Likewise, he addresses VAT issues (also cross border issues) and company formations.

Our world changes from day to day – we are at your side!


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Head office in Rastatt

Karlsruhe branch


Cooperation: we shape the future

For you – in the region

Partners, proprietors / managing directors, management boards / supervisory board

Advisory boardsIn collaboration with you we develop forward-looking projects and processes and assist their implementation in your organization — to secure the viability of your business and its value for the long term.

With us — from the region

We are partners in our firm and accept the responsibility.

  • Margit Müller – Strategic advisory
  • Holger Baierl – WKS-GmbH
  • Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
  • Peter Knoblich – Executive search


You develop alternative actions and new routes to explore.

Strategic development and realignment of your business, dynamic growth, internationalization, succession management


Ask differently. Think diversely. Act rigorously.

We are your sparring partner for discussions on strategy, offer advice and accompany your operative processes. In the process we orient ourselves on your business culture and your values.


You know the issues that are important to you. We look forward to hearingabout them.

  • Business vision, strategy and goals
  • Expanding the horizons and skills sets of management bodies
  • Succession management for all the key positions in your company
  • Family constitutions for owner-operated and family companies
  • Systematic development of organizational staff and executives
  • Internationalization: executive search and support during the start-up phase and brand development
  • Data protection
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